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Full Version: [AppleTV 1G] General advice required
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AppleTV 1st Gen 40gb
Software Version 3.0.2
Launcher 3.2.5
XBMC 10.1
Method of jailbreak, presumed ATV-USB. Came pre-hacked

Hi guys!

Normally i'm on here in the archieves finding things out about XBMC for my old Xbox. Which is still proving to be an amazing little device, specially with Navi-x. However my father recently purchased a second hand 1st gen ATV. When we got it home, it was left to me to look up jailbreaking and getting XBMC on to the device. I soon discovered someone had beat me to it.

I've spent the past two days looking online to see if there was on update availible for the ATV, as the currently release of XBMC is dated March.

In addition, we are running a Windows 7 network here at home and the ATV refuses to access any of the machines. It SEE's the "workgroup" and the computers, but accessing results in a password request.

I have read threads recommending i uninstall windows essentials 2011, which i've done. I've also removed my PC from the homegroup. But still it is asking for a password. I did get it working last night, but today is back to not working and i've changed nothing.

I've searched on here and i'm drawing a blank as to how i fix this problem, hence why i've resorted to posting and hoping for some guidance. I'd appreciate any help anyone can give.

I had the same problem and it drove me nuts.
Sometime the xbox can get on the share but ATV didn't want to.
Or if ATV was getting on the share it will not accept the user\pass from the xbox.

After 2 weeks I decided to redo my Win 7 box and everything was good from that point on.
I even have M Essential installed too.

One more thing:
I notice that I could access my first 5-7 shares with no problem. From the 8 and up didn't want to get my user\pass.
So my new Win 7 has just 1 share per drive and folders under that. Now I have just 4 shares and it's behaving great.