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Full Version: Weak IR using HP MCE receiver+remote ?
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I bought a new remote (MCE) as my old one didnt have enough buttons. I noticed the range is terrible on this one... ~2 metres! Anyone ever experience similar problems?

The IR receiver blinks an LED when it receives a signal (does this up to a fairly long distance), but it doesn't mean Lirc processed it - and will only do so within ~2 metres.

Its an HP MCE remote receiver combo


ive determined that the receiver is the weak one not the remote. The HP doco says the range should be 8m.

Anyone have similar problems with this hardware ?

Im on ubuntu 11.04 amd64 w/ LIRC
IR interference can also be an issue. Check windows or florescent light bulbs, both can be sources for IR interference. My parents once had a lamp with a florescent bulb that rendered their Comcast TV remote useless, but as soon as it was turned off or used a different bulb, was fine again.
I've just tried my HP receiver and it works from about 5 metres away. I can't test it from any longer range until I buy a mansion. To get 5 metres I had to sit on the window sill :-)

I have the old type handset (http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=File:Hpremote.jpg). I also tried it with a Microsoft handset and that worked from 5 metres as well.

Nope Sad

Anyone have other ideas?
I'd guess you have a faulty receiver. If you have a Windows PC to hand you could test the receiver on that to make sure it's not just some weird interaction with LIRC.