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Full Version: I ran YAMJ for my Patriot Box office and now all my XBMC art is ugly! HELP!
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I got a Patriot Box office for my guest room. I thought I would run a custom firmware on it called Medebo Shizzl and use a program on my server called YAMJ to Mede8er to create artwork for the movies and jukebox on the Patriot Box office.

I ran the Yamj program on my server (Win 7 Ultimate) and let it scan all my media on my USB external drives. I created another folder called 'Jukebox' where I thought all the artwork for the Patriot would locate the artwork.

It scanned and downloaded some artwork for my movies but actually downloaded the artwork into the actual movie folder.

Now when I go to my XBMC (Win7) and go to my movies it uses the artwork found by YAMJ. It is low res compared to the nice covers downloaded by the IMDB scrapers in XBMC.

I tried to re run the scan content on XBMC but it doesn't fix it. Please can someone tell me how to get the nice XBMC artwork again!!!