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Full Version: I have a separate folder for TV shows and the artwork is Mr. T cartoon. How to change
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I have separate usb hard drives for movies and tv shows on my server. On a remote XBMC PC when I click on my Videos, I labelled one TV and other Movies.

I click on TV and it lists all my TV shows. However the background art when I click on TV is Mr. T cartoon. I don't know how it got there but I want to change it. I think previously when I had an old version of XBMC it was Weird Al Yankonvic looking gangster. I think it wa his 'Straight out of Lynwood' Album.

I use Sickbeard also to get the artwork for my TV shows but honestly I don't know how XBMC chose Mr. T. I can't even find where to change this artwork. On the server or on the Remote PC running XBMC.