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Full Version: Confused by the builds
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First of all, I want to stress, I am a complete noob at this sorta thing so please bear with me, and sorry if the question is confusing.

I love Focus, but I'm confused by the builds. Which should I be using?


So when I went to install XBMC for the very first time, I went for reFocus.PR1- and thought nothing more of it, since it was labeled for Dharma, the build of XBMC which I have. I got everything exactly how I wanted.

But today, I saw there was a second build, so I downloaded reFocus.PR2-0.9.1.zip, labeled pre-Eden.

reFocus.PR2-0.9.1.zip seems a lot nicer and faster and it seems like the newer of the two, but my fanart/banners didn't transfer over, and my stats didn't update. I then went to try and delete / re-add my movie/tv show sources so I could get that stuff to show up, but there was no option to do either. Even pressing 'c' didn't allow me to remove either folder

Am I missing something big? I am using the latest stable build (Dharma)...

Thanks in advance!
You need to delete you Guisettings.xml file NOT your movie / TV sources. Also you're using the pre-Eden skin build on a Dharma system. This just simply will not work as the 0.9.1 version was built specifically for changes added after the Dharma version of XBMC was released.
Thanks for the response.

So if I am going to stick with Dharma till Eden, should I use the Dharma version only?