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Full Version: Double page view for Comics/PDF ?
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I was wondering if there was a way to view comics (CBR/CBZ) and PDF's as having 2 pages on the screen ?

I realise I could use an Advanced Launcher program such as CDisplay or something, but the widescreen nature of XBMC on a TV just screams for having a double page view seems natural ?

Is there any scripts /mods or the like that I may have missed in my forum searches? Blush

Thanks for your help.
Well I managed to find it for myself ! Nod

So I'll post my solution for other people..

Using CDisplayEX (supports CBR/CBZ/PDF/DJVU)

Press D for double page view. Using arrow keys/space moves one page at a time, you have to map another key /button for 2 page forward. F11 for full screen view.

You can modify the keys, so you can use Backspace or Escape as the exit. Default is X

Use advanced launcher plugin, which has a setup/WIKI page here at

Advanced launcher can now scrape Comic books, as long as the filename is correct (Eek I can see many hours editing filenames here)

Now if only more skins could support a range of views for Program plugins ! Smile

Hope that helps ppl!