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Full Version: Problems with Library
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I have XBMC setup and it works great but I keep having some issues with my library. When I load up XBMC I have it set to automatically scan for new content. It will add duplicates or miss movies entirely. Movies that are already there get added twice and if I delete the duplicate the next time I load up XMBC it puts the duplicate back in. I have the movies folder setup as Movies with each movie in it's own folder so for instance Star Wars is in a folder under Movies named Star Wars (1977) and the movie is named Star Wars (1977).mkv.

Each movie is setup this way with the name of the folder and file taken from IMDB so the naming is the same. ESB is named Star Wars Episode V The Empire Strikes Back (1980) but XBMC won't see it.

I also have YAMMM installed but it doesn't seem to monitor my movies folder for new additions. The option to monitor the folder is there but it's greyed out. I added Movies as the folder to monitor. It worked the first time I set it up but it no longer adds anything new. It also got some items wrong but I can't seem to edit them to correct YAMMM's info.

What could I be doing wrong? What is the best way to keep your library up to date and correct? :confused2:

I use Ember Media Manager to manage my movie collection. THE ONLY thing that ever makes a movie show up twice is if I change the name.

Let me ask you this, what happens if you try to play both instances of the movie(s) in question?
I have seen this where things show up twice in my library but I know where it comes from. It happens when I move stuff from one source to another. The old source sticks around for a bit. The same movie/tv show, now on a different drive, gets scanned into library view as if it was an entirely new file.
Usually 'clean library,' shutdown, and 'clean library' again clears it up.

Now if this keeps happening to you and your files are not being moved...
1) Are your files stored locally (on an internal drive inside your HTPC)?
2) Are your files stored on a drive(s) on a network (another PC or NAS)?
If yes to number 2 then make sure you have all of your network devices set to static IP addresses. If the network device IP address changes XBMC will see it as and entirely different drive.
thanks for the info! I got Ember Media Manager and it works perfectly. I got my library under control and was able to get all the movies it ignored to show up in my library. So far, it's working spot on.