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Full Version: Horizontal Distortion with playback
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I have a very strange situation these day.
I have bought a asrock ION 330 HT about a year ago.
The system just died and got an other system in return, so, other hardware, but same harddisk.

Before my system died, everything worked perfectly, but when I got the replaced system back, I saw horizontal distortion on screen. see my attachement. Image

I returned the system to the supplier and they couldn't see the distortion I was talking about.
The reason of this was, they used a dvd instead of a downloaded movie.
I was forced to use my laptop instead and never seen the distortion again.

When the replaces system returned, it also died on me, so I got a replacement system. Asrock Ion 330 3D, how happy can we get.

After installing all the things I needed and setting xbmc up, I also got the horizontal distortion. same as before.

My question is, what is the problem and how can I fix this?
Is it an settings problem or an TV problem.
turn on vsync.
Well I have tried this already, but it won't work.
I see a little difference, but the distortion is still visible.

I will check it tommorow, because I have messed up with the compiz settings manager. I don't have anything left on my home window, so :confused2:
Check System settings, System, Video output and make sure the setting "Use a fullscreen window rather than true fullscreen" is disabled.

You should probably read this: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=98108 Smile
Yeah this does the trick.
Thank you very much.