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Full Version: loading up pluging scripts how to for apple tv 1 generation
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hi i wonder if someone can tell me how to do the following

i just jailed break my apple tv 1st generation one

using windows based os

i got the xbmc in the menu of the apple tv now
and it works fine

but here is my issue im seeing lots of plugin scripts for my region
that people have been good to post

i dont know how to get them loaded up onto my apple tv

i thought i could load the plugin and go into add on then load them up direct
from the usb pen but that no luck
as it looks like apple removed the software for any usb pens

connected up a external hard drive with the files on no luck there

can someone tell me how i can transfer the plugins scripts over to my apple tv
the easy way

as i can not find the answer to this at all in the forum and also the internet
this has been driving me crazy.

does anyone know a easy way to do this as im missing all the fun Sad

i dont know how to set up upnp - http

so i could transfer it over from my pc to the apple by wireless connection

thank you
Basically you have two options.

1. SFTP - (not FTP but similar file connection using the ssh format to log in) Look for a free utility like Cyberduck or Filezilla that will allow you to log onto the ATV and transfer files directly onto the box. The dafault pw and user for an ATV1 is frontrow. You can then copy over the zip files onto the ATV 1 to use XBMC's "Install from zip file" option under settings to add new plug-ins and repos.

2. A flash drive, the default FAT format - This option is obviously easier. Hopefully you checked the box to enable use of your ATV's USB port when you did the thumbdrive installer to "jailbreak" the ATV1.You then just copy whatever zip files of whatever plugins onto your FAT format flash drive, reboot with the flash drive plugged in the back, and in XBMC point your "install from zip file" to the flash drive with the zip files.

I forgot that you need to do the Nito TV Smart Installer to turn on the ATV's USB capability.
Try this.
thank you for your help but im still having issues

i downloaded cyberduck and set it up to sftp
the following i did below

ip adress of the apple machine

user log in frontrow
password frontrow

but it wont let me connect to the apple at all

this wont work on wireless and also Ethernet is the same

when i jail break it i used the following program patchstick builder 3.0

download the new firmware for the apple tv then creat patchstick

which loaded up xbmc and boxee

did i use the correct program and also where im i going wrong

when i try to connect to the apple it is on or if im using xbmc os
i log into this

i tried to connect but no idea what im doing wrong
spent over 5hours Sad

ok i downloaded the free version of patchstick

which of course does not contain all the software doh

thanks for your help guys