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Full Version: [Music] rate songs en masse?
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I've only just started using XBMC to listen to music, having used Winamp since 1998 and become pretty used to it. In Winamp I often use smart playlists to listen to my favourite songs from a certain artist, genre or year, e.g.

rating = "5" AND genre IS "Punk"

Obviously my Winamp library has developed over the years, rating songs I like as I listen to them, which then get automatically added to my playlists. The problem is that I can't find any way of replicating this in XBMC. It seems to make a playlist based on rating I would need to rate each of those songs individually which is just not practical.

Is there any way to rate songs en-masse, e.g. export a playlist from winamp (all my 5 rated songs) and then rate every song in it in XBMC?