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Full Version: Stateful ui objects via logic statements?
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is there a way to create stateful buttons and/or have some true logic in determining what shows in the ui at any given time?

this is very useful to create a more intelligent ui.

basically... if we could build a logic statement (if-then) for individual buttons and images we could set the ui to display specific objects depending on the condition/state of other objects.

this is built into many other htpc and control software and it is really usefull!


condition where hd space drops below 5 gb and it puts up a warning message on the home screen.

new movies are added to the smb folder, so an alert is placed on the home screen showing the movie titles that were just added.

...and many more uses!
i dont think alerts and dialogs should be a function of the skin myself (as they should be in the program and be a part of all skins) and am having a little trouble thinking of how else this could be useful.

i guess you can have a little sun and moon that are animated according to tod or something...

actually building on this it might be interesting to have embedded python scripts in skins... it will allow more interesting animation on controls and allow for skins to have areas controlled by google searches of feature the astronomy pod in the corner of the main screen...
there are tons of uses for this... netremote has a simular ability using lua scripting and homeseer using vbscript/javascript.

it can create very intelligent interfaces.
i agree if there was a way for simple <type>conditional</type> buttons for the skinner, there would be a lot you could do.