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Full Version: Screen blanks in between menu choices and font size
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Hi Jeroen,

thanks for the great refocus skin. Simply love it.

2 questions tho.

1. In between menu choices, the screen blanks out (at least on my ATV2 setup). Would it be possible to leave the background as it is in between menu choices. Reason is that I noticed that because the skin is pretty much fool proof to use and the 'in between time to transit' may vary, and people tend to press buttons because they think something is wrong. These button presses get queuend with unexpected results for the user.

2. The skin is beautiful on a big screen LCD (80+ cm) This means the watcher will sit between 3-5 meters away from the screen. This makes the font size for listings, dialogs, video plots etc almost impossible to read.

Care to give your view on these please?