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Full Version: Sorry...bypassing screens to go back to home page
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Hey! First off let me say thanks for reFocus - definitely the sickest skin i've seen on xbmc (i'm using an ATV2)

I know its mentioned here a few times, but I thought I would sort of ask again, sorry to offend ....

It would be so much better if when your viewing your movies, tv shows, that when you press back/menu - it would just go to the homescreen instead of having to go through all the other screens (genre, cast, etc)

I know it was mentioned that this can be modified using keymaps...can someone please explain what I need to do to set this functionality up? I am using ATV2/XBMC and the apple tv 2 remote or sometimes the remote app on my iPhone.

Thanks so much!
I was wondering exactly the same thing! Could anyone shine some light on this?
This has been explained ad nauseum.

If you know this has been mentioned a few times, surely the reasons as to why I choose not to do this are known to you. It's mentioned in the FAQ too. As well as a method on how to change this for yourself, which has been posted on more than one occasion too.

I don't mind suggestions, but asking them again because you don't like the answer is annoying. It certainly won't make me reconsider.

Closing this thread as it's pointless.