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Full Version: Pm3 as standard skin
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what about copyright issues?

also are you going to make it open source or still have it locked so others cant change anything. there are a million different people that like little button here and there and pm is open source now.
while i like pm3 i think it is a bit too 'hard core' to be a standard skin. the standard skin is the first thing new users (who dont know how to do anything) will see and so should be inviting and friendly. pm3 is kind of imposing imo... experienced users dont care about the standard skin since they will settle on a skin they like anyway.
bp, will you let it go about pm3? it will be what and where it is when it gets there Wink
we are discussing the project mayhem = new default skin atm

i wont make the source public yet - some people in the team may disagree with a closed source default skin

so its not settled it will be the new default

yet it would make things a lot easier since im not so crazy about updating skins i never use anymore...
first i think pm iii is one of the best skins along with hdeetv, but xbmc seems set up better for skins with a scroller. there is a minor bug if your not using a scroller with the images being displayed on the home page. unless they fix that i think a skin with a scroller should be the default.

edit: in case your interested in the bug.

good point - its better for the noobs

yet i dont want a scroller in pm3
i like the way pm iii works also and the teaser was awsome.

but could you make a scroller like pm i with no graphics for the buttons and instead of wrapping have it move to settings. just make the button images part of the background. you might consider it a hack, but the image display bug wouldn't affect you then.
image display bug?

the buttons are on the bg already - wouldnt be a prob to add a buttonscroller

i just dont like the scroller because its making things so cluttered

im pm2 i sometimes scrolled 2 times thru all until i found the button i was looking for

i totally prefer fixed positions

besides - the settings and files button cant be in a different fontsize and position then...

and the scroller doesnt wrap around - i use the settings a lot and i want to focus that button directly by just pressing up on the controller

i've been thru this scroller discussion so many times - just drop it plz Wink
(chokemaniac @ april 08 2005,21:32 Wrote:image display bug?
check the link up a couple posts
my only real comment is it legal and 2 if its default it should be open source.

fine print
i know pm2 isnt and thats fine so no mods. but this is an open source product so default should be to help people mock up there skin. chokes done the hard work but skinners need (actually they dont but would help alot ) a reference so they dont have to reinvent the wheel. if that reference is pm1 thats great alough the skin is a little tired now its still open source, all props for that.

personally i can change anything in skin i want pretty easy, and hate stuff being said its open for mods and it isnt. from now on ill do stuff for myself and others can think they are getting full support its no skin off my nose. but ill be looking at doing a skin for newbes thats way easier to use than all skins now and looks good i like to talk to choke about it but the team is impossible to deal with so ive told kotix and we will start it soon.
also if pm3 is standard and open source although there will be mods you will always get props when ever you dl off net cause its your exact skin they will see, we all know who did it and really we all know how good it is Smile
it is yawn all right for a default skin i beleive these 2 questions are valid?

is it legal (due it use other peoples graphics) and 2 if its default it should be open source.

thats all i want to know, got every other thing under sun thrown at me and never the answer to both these
first i have to say i love pm3. absolutly lovely. thx chokemaniac for your hard work.

britneyspairs why so pushy ? it's just the graffics that's not "open source". a skinner can still look at how the skin is made from the xml files. if i made a skin that was this great i wouldn't want any one else use 99% of my work to mod it and later release a "new" skin calling it something else.

maybe chokemaniac thinks it's perfect the way it is and don't want to see some version that in his eyes is worse then the original. that could be a bad thing for him and his career if the wrong person sees the wrong version.

i may be overreacting but just accept chokemaniac's dessision and move on. make a new own skin instead and i will continue use pm3.

ok ill leave this but id say they are valid questions for standard skin. only wanted direct answers pretty easy questions i thought. its easy enough to hack the graphics in skin as well, but think its a wierd to have a non open source default skin.
ok i wont mention this ever again but i tell you it dents open source and goes against it all what i thought xbmc stood for.

also i agree all i did was change everything that was asked in forums and i couldnt release patchs cause a it isnt open and had to open it and b because although they asked it wasnt really alowed to support people. so i released it as skin for all those that asked and he said dont mention him so i didnt then people say i passed it as mine yeah right read the read me in about 10 places it says its not mine Sad anyway enough is enough its silly

my point is this. i dont beleive its open source and its stollen from someone else anyway (dont care but though dev did) and never heard it mentioned.
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