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Full Version: Changes to my music
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i appologize if this was not communicated effectively. the recent changes to my music mean your skins need to be updated to work correctly with the latest cvs. they will work as is for the most part but their behaviour will become unpredictable when in my music.

the genre, artist, and album windows have all been removed. they have been replaced by the library window since it now has all the functionality of those three older windows.

to bring your skins up to date, you can just remove the accompanying xml files for those windows, but you'll need to change the window id's in the library and top100 xml files as follows:

library (mymusicnav.xml), window id is now 502
top100 (mymusictop100.xml), window id is now 503
and library (mymusicnav.xml) window has a new  "biglist" view, so to update an existing skin you need to add the new control too.
right that too. if it wasnt for jmarshall getting the big list to work, we'd still have those additional music views Smile
another minor change:

for the top100 view, you need to change the id of the biglist control to 52.

this once again will not cause major issues - all it'll mean is that you won't be able to use the biglist view until that is done.

i'm also thinking about redoing the video playlists view so it's more inline with the rest of the videos stuff (currently it uses id 50 and 51 rather than 10 and 11 like the rest of videos.) will likely do this at the next skin version increase, of which i'll be posting more news about shortly.