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Full Version: Ceomr mediacenter skin v1.3
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last night i started to update my skin to make it v1.3 conformable
perhaps someone has got time to find bugs or other problems
[you will need at least xbmc version 10.04.05 or later]

download: skin


splash logo - boot logo [rar]

scripts - python skripte [rar]

weather icons [rar]

webinterface [rar]

music overlay and video overlay aren't needed anymore,
the help topics will be translated later [had not enough time]

cheers ceomr

updates will be available at konsolenumbau.at
good job ceomr Wink
i love your skin, and i hate to say a bad thing about it.....but is it possible to make a version without the help button? i guess i think it isn't necessary for most people that are using xbmc.
now i think [hope] it's 100% 1.3 compatible
fixed some bugs now everything works fine..

please contact me for suggestions and/or bugs

cheers ceomr

ps:thanks to modhack for the topic on xbmc.org
new update of my skin with a new background...
if you know a better one please contact me!!!

:thumbsup: added:

dialognumeric - masterlock -> with shutdown button
my music - fullscreen -> lyrics
my videos - fullscreen -> the new menu [bookmarks - dvd menu button..]

fading and some more...

try it and perhaps write a comment

cheers ceomr


--> skin - rarfile
--> skin forum
this skins is nice, clean, easy on the eyes and look good.
keep up the good work
where do i unpack the addon stuff to ..ie the weather pack?