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Full Version: werid buzz on audio over hdmi when playing music
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ok so basically as the title says hdmi audio is fine for videos but as sson as i play an audio file which are usually flac audio there is a very distinct buzz. i can kind of hear it when listening to music and when i pause the music its very apparent. the werid thing is it gets stuck with that buzz until i switch inputs and switch back then its gone til i play an audio file again. only thing i can think of is is ared somewehere linux has problems playing 44khtz audio files and upconverts then to 48. i never really paid much attention to this as i didnt have any problems as i was using optical out for audio but now i want to utilize audio over hdmi and then use the optical out on my tv so i never have to switch inputs on my av receiver. any pointers or is this a known bug or whats going on
Bump anyone?