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Full Version: [BUG] Add-ons auto-update toggle doesnt show current state
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I have found a bug in using Dharma 10.1 in Win7

I know that all the work is currently on a newer version for nightlies but I thought maybe this bug has carried over to the beta version.

-Go to settings
-Go to add-ons
-Press 'left' to bring up the extra menu (viewtype, sort, favourites, auto-update)
-Toggle the auto-update to the 'on' position.

Now quit out of it and then go back again, the toggle shows auto-updates as 'off. The Auto-update toggle is always in the off-position no matter what it was set to previously. So you don't know if it is on or off.

(also the option to 'hide notifications' is not in this screen but I think it should be)