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Full Version: Linux Mint Debian + CrystalHD - No setting is shown in XBMC 10.1
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I'm using Linux Mint Debian (LMDE) with Broadcom BCM970015 adn I have an issue.

XBMC 10.1 does not show setting for crystalhd.

CrystalHD driver is installed:

I installed with this command:
sudo apt-get install libcrystalhd3 libcrystalhd-dev crystalhd-dkms gstreamer0.1.-crystalhd
(lsmod | grep crystalhd gives me result)

(I was using wilsonet git back in ubuntu, but it does not work properly with lmde with latest updates)

installed xbmc version: XBMC 10.1+git20110912-0.0

Is this normal ? If not, how do I fix this?
(And is there a method if I can see whether crystalhd is helping to decode or not?)