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Full Version: Cursor works with usb mouse but not digitizer pen
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Hey, I've got an old Motion computing m1400 Tablet PC, the kind with a pen for input rather than touch. I installed xbmc live on it and if I plug in a usb mouse that will work, but the pen makes the cursor jump to the lower right or upper left corner.

What's weird is that when I disable the mouse in the system settings the pen starts working. Rather than seeing the oversized arrow, a regular X11 cursor appears and follows the pen. But since the mouse is disabled it won't let me click anywhere. Anyone have any thoughts?
In case anyone has this problem in the future I found the solution at http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=89536

You need to have "export SDL_MOUSE_RELATIVE=0" before starting xbmc and it works like a charm