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Full Version: XBMC Constant reboot
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Help !

For some reason, my XBMC (10.1) started rebooting and constantly showing the "XBMC" splash screen. The five dots load, then it starts over.

I can see no way of breaking into it, save re-installing which I really don't want to do.

Nothing has changed - I've had this before, and the only way around it appears to be to totally reload the OS.

What do I do - this has trashed my XBMC !


ssh into the box or switch to the shell and check the logs. Specially /var/log/syslog and xorg.log
That's the problem - it never gets as far as allowing SSH.

It cycles continuously on the XBMC splash screen.

It does seem to be something to do with output via the HDMI port - if I put a monitor on the VGA port, it boots up.

I think I re-install might be the answer after I've saved the settings/scripts I've written from the ITV player.

It's a real pain !

Try booting into recovery mode and see if this works.
Also if you managed to boot with VGA check the logs of previous booting attempts with HDMI
OK - progress...

I managed to get the system to boot, but as soon as I tried to play HD videos, (e.g. BBC iPlayer BBC HD channel) the box would immediately crash and then start on the reboot cycle.

So, I pulled the CrystalHD accelerator out.

And, surprise, surprise, stable.

Now, HD is cr*p again because my motherboard just doesn't have the power, and I've ordered a replacement BCM9700012 (less than $19) to see if that's the issue.