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Full Version: Video lockup while audio keeps playing
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I have been having an issue in XBMC lately that is really starting to get annoying. I queue up my entire Mythbusters collection into a playlist and play it with shuffle. Everything is fine for 2 or 3 episodes, then all of a sudden, the video stops while the audio keeps playing for a minute. The audio will stop, the video will "hiccup" to a new frame and stop, then the audio keeps playing for awhile. During this, XBMC response is exremely slow, I hit stop on my remote, maybe 20 seconds later, the audio stops. Its almost a full minute before it exits the video (all the while i am seeing a still frame from the video), but XBMC stays nonresponsive. I have to SSH into my box and run "service xbmc-live stop" then "service xbmc-live start" before I can continue using XBMC. This has happened on other video files besides Mythbusters. This is a completly fresh install, I literally reformatted and reinstalled the server earlier today because I thought that something I did caused it ( I tend to tinker with my Linux boxes Smile). I have seen other threads on here with people having a similar issue, but none of them have a fix. Any ideas?

Here is a link to my debug log: http://omeganet.mine.nu/logs/xbmc.log
Just an FYI, this was installed from a fresh download and burn of XBMC Live just today.