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Full Version: Support Needed!!!
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Hi, guys been useing XBMC Live for couple of years now i swear by it, and have most people I know useing it!!

But my setup has got more complex over the years and now im starting to struggle a little, I have simple linux knowledge...

my setup =
Dell Optiplex 755, 4gb Memory, Geforce 210 PCI-e GFX, and the problem (Asus Xonar DG 5.1 Surround)

I know the Xonar has support in Ubuntu (latest release) with Alsa 1.0.24

and i got the card working fine on 2 channels but cannot get Optical 5.1, altho its throwing the Amp into DTS im just not getting sound from the Rear/Center speakers

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Throw some support on this for me, 2 days with little sleep now and a spliting headake!

Dont want to have to Use windows
Ectraz Wrote:Support Needed!!!

Edit your title and you might get it.