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Full Version: OK Button troubles
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I have a Harmony 650 remote, and it was working perfectly under Windows 7. I have converted over to Openelec and for some reason the OK button is changing the aspect ratio while playing videos. Before, it would bring up the menu and I could also use it to click an item on the menu. In the harmony software I can change it to bring up the menu but selecting "DVDmenu" but it then loses the ability to work as OK. How can I get this back? I'm sure it's a change in the keymap.xml, but I can't find anything specifically to address this.

Thanks for the help!
In keymap.xml you will find a section that is specifically used for commands during playback. I don't have it in front of me or I could be more specific. Basically though there are definitions for what key presses do <globally> but can be overridden under the playback section. When I get to my own pc I will try to give you more specific help but for now maybe that will help a bit.
Thanks, from your suggestion I was able to compare my XBMC setups (WIndows 7 vs Openelec) and figured out I needed to change the Select button to OSD, but only under the While Playing Video portion. It worked great!