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Full Version: [Bug] Weather on Home Screen
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Just switched over to git on my main machine, and after setting the option for show weather, there is no weather on the home screen (and it not available anywhere else).

Thinking there might be something conflicting from the release version, I went ahead and deleted guisettings.xml, no change. I had also replaced HomeSubMenu.xml to get the 'return directly to home' functionality, so thinking that could be an issue I went ahead and changed back to git version, still no dice.

I also updated to the latest iOS on an ATV2 box yesterday and did a clean install from git, still have same issue.

One other thought. Would it be possible to have access to weather from somewhere else if it is not being shown on the home screen?
The Weather Channel is now charging for access to their API. You'll see the weather not working regardless of the skin from now until they decide on another weather source.

You could switch to the Weather+ addon in the meanwhile though. That shouldn't be affected as that's using Accuweather's API.
The issue isn't that there is no data, the issue is that I don't even have the menu choice for weather.

It also appears weather+ is broken, at leat in relation to the current nightly. Both my Linux and ATV2 installs are giving me script errors.
I believe if there isn't any data or there was a script error, the menu item doesn't appear. Jereon will have to confirm though.
correct, the menu option for weather is set not to appear when the weather data isn't fetched (yet). Thus, in the case of the primary/standard data provider failing it will not appear even though weather plus might work. so that causes an issue in this case. I'm probably going to disable the data fetching check.