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Full Version: Putting Party Mode into favourites (simple question)
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I'm sure this is obvious and I'm silly for not being able to work it out, but I want to put Music Party Mode into my favourites, but the only way I know to get to party mode is from the library mode sidebar, which doesn't support the contextual menu of "Add to favourites"

So how do I put it in?

For reference I'm on OSX running the latest stable release.
I'm not sure if you can add Party Mode to the favourites because it's not really a location. You can map it to a keypress using something like:


See http://wiki.xbmc.org/?title=List_of_Built_In_Functions for more info.

I wanted to do the same thing, so had a look in favourites.xml.

I added the line: <favourite name="Party Mode (Music)">PlayerControl(PartyMode(music))</favourite>

That works a treat! (XBMC Eden Beta 2, Windows)

Thanks jhsrennie for giving me the queue.