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Glass 1.0.0 is out !!!

2 new features :

* With MyPicsDB addon (activate by system > skin > addon > Use pictures DB), you can add 2 widgets for Pictures menu to display 10 pictures (Last added or Random) form your library.
By clicking on item in widget list, slideshow start with 50 pictures.


* Worldwide weather for cities


Please help, please help Apple TV 2 + XBMC + Glass,
Hi Guys hope someone can help me, I''ve been trying toget some help from the Glass site "french" but nobody so far, I'm deseperate reading forms everything, here is my situation:
I have an Applet TV with xbmc and skin glass on it, I wathed the youtube video glass.mp4. and they show an awesome view one of them is "T", I found in my add-ons this one and anothers and is enabled, but in the view setting only show like 3 o 4 like thumbnail, fanart, no that one.

Any XBMC "GURU" can help me with this I really like the way that this skin show the disk, disk case, picture background, etc.

thank you

So you want to install custom views as displayed in this screen :


So, first, you have to install views from :

System > Views


System > Skin > Views Activate / Desactivate > Add new view

Then you restart XBMC.

Go back to System > Skin > Views Activate / Desactivate and click to activate custom views installed before.

After that, you can go to Movies and switch to custom views.
OMG, Thank you so much, I was desesperate reading forums everything, and my english is too bad and my french even worst.
I'll try tonight and them I'll let yuo know
Thank again for your help

Let me know if you didn't succeed in installing custom views, I will make a better tutorial with screenshots Wink

PS : Did you speak spanish (as Santiago sound spanish) ? Sorry but I think that my spanish is not better than your french Tongue
Yes Buddy, Broken english, broken french but fluenty in spanish.
But again I can wait to go home and tri it, I've been for two weeks every single day trying almost everything readind post.
I've modified my APTV2 and them install the XBMC with no problem, but with this Glass I'm going "loco"
I'll let you know.
Good Morning, you're a Master, I've followed your instructions and everything is OK, except for: The APTV crashes or stop of working I think is not a stable version, and I can't install the Music Label Cases, , I've donwloaded the CDart Manager, repetead the process with the views/enable etc, but nothing.
Anyway thank you so much for your help, if you can help me with this request? so many thanks.we're 20% behind toachieve our goal.
Best Regards
Maybe that APTV is not powerfull enough to run Glass :S

Glass use a lot of scripts to get latest episodes, movies, albums, ...

Are you talking about Glass Album cases ?

So you have downloaded and installed it but when you browse your music and go to albums, this view is not available ?

When you browse your albums with standard views (Media Info for example), your covers are displayed ?

CDart Manager let you download cover, fanart and CDart.

To get CD art displayed on Glass Album cases view, your have to set your root folder in :
left slide menu > Options > Your root music folder

On my NAS, my music is stored this way :


So my root music folder is \\NAS\Music.

Post screenshots if you didn't succeed in installing this view.
Sarajac, same problem after installing Album case view on my HTPC.

We will have a closer look as fast as possible Wink
Finally, Album case custom view work fine on my HTPC.

But we have discovered an issue that can hardly be fixed.

If you use horizontal menu, by pressing down arrow, you switch to sub-menu and then to system menu to close XBMC and so on.

But, if you are on Music menu, by pressing down arrow, you don't switch to sub-menu but you go up to widgets. And then, you will never be able to go down to system menu, even if your are not on Music menu item Sad

You have to restart XBMC.

Fmronan did not have time to correct it as he's working on GlassNox (a mod form Aeon Nox for XBMC 12.0 Forod) and he have to rewrite a lot of code to fix the problem, so we have to deal with it :S
Custom view "medium resolution case" is available through View installer :


Cases can open automatically and moviesets can have case or not.

But cases cannot be opened manually Sad
Very nice! great job....
Hey there I have been meaning to sign up to give you a pat on the back for the great work you have done on this skin.

But i have a problem now

WTF is this thing, and how can i get rid of it so it never comes back? I was playing around with the settings trying to get RSS to work (ended up disabling that too), and then this stupid thing popped up


and now I cant use xbmc anymore. it has totally ruined it for me. Sad

please help?

EDIT: By cant use xbmc anymore, i mean, it hijacks the focus and whenever i am trying go up and down through the menus i end up scrolling throuhg stupid mine craft videos
Sorry but I'm can't help this week-end. My only internet access is through my mobile Sad

I will have a look monday morning.
Did you problem occur only when you are listen music ? I mean, if you start XBMC, you can do whatever you want but if you start playing music, the youtube widget is displayed and keep focus.
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