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(2012-03-22, 13:07)Eisi2005 Wrote: [ -> ]@mike

great many many thx.

I have two litte problems again with the skin.

First in the new view from you all 720p movies become a "HDTV" case, but i want a BluRay Case. The 1080p movies become a BluRay case, where coulkd i finde the source to copy the 1080p for 720p.
I ask the same thing to fmronan and with next version of Glass, 720p and 1080p case will be Bluray caseWink

Quote:And second i have problem with the german ratings. I become no rating or sometimes english rating. In my nfo files for movies i have <mpaa>16</mpaa> and <certification>Germany:16</certification>

Could i change that in the skin ?
I don't know how certification and ratings work.

Could you make a screenshot of a moving with wrong certification ?
@Eisi2005 : fmronan don't understand why German certification doesn't work has everything should be OK.

Could you post a screenshot and the NFO of 1 or 2 movies with no rating or english rating.

@Eisi2005 : fmronan has modified one of his NFO to get german rating and it's work but icons are too pale (blässlich).

Next version will provide new icons.

You can see actual icons in skin.glass.svn\backgrounds\flagging\ratings directory.

for no answer but works goes first. Did you need something at moment or is all ok now ?

For now, everything is OK. If the problem remain after next version, let us known Wink
you can test new german flag
add in backgrounds\flagging\

the most movies have no rating logo and the movies who have someone have english ratings, like the screenshot


But on "22 bullets" and "13 Huh" cases you have the German rating (16 for left movie and 18 for left movie).

Are you talking about the rating in the bottom line with HD 720P - H264 - Dolby - 2.35:1 logos ?

yes the rating in the bottom line. The german rating direct on the poster come direct from the poster.

can you post a nfo?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<movie xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema">
<title>16 Blocks</title>
<originaltitle>16 Blocks</originaltitle>
<country>Germany / USA</country>
<studio>Alcon Entertainment</studio>
<director>Richard Donner</director>

Custom Views in Glass


That is what ember media manager puts in the nfo when scrapping. Now i must edit your xml file so that your skin give the right flag. I only must know whick xml i must edit. I think i must only edit from german:16 to 16.

you have no problem with other skin?
Witch skin did you use before?
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