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Full Version: Apple TV1 as an audio server
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I want to use the ATV1 headless to serve flac and mp3 to my squeezebox classic and DAC. I use vortexbox (fedora16) at the moment and the native player, based on Squeezeslave can handle 192/24. What hardware or firmware limitations does ATV1 and xbmc have in this respect?

Is xbmc suitable, when I wont be using any TV or monitor after install? Will I be able to read a 1TB hard drive (usb 2.0)?

I read on this forum of the workarounds to get audio SPDIF working. What are the frequencies?

I know I have a lot to learn about xbmc, so I hope I have focussed on the essentials. I would want to manage services with Webmin, CLI via Putty and Winscp.

I just noticed this should be in the XBMC for Mac forum - could this be moved please?