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Full Version: How do you delete a media source.
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Hey guys.

New to the forums and have a pretty simple question.

And yes iv searched without any luck... So sorry if its been asked before. ( im sure it has )

Iv got multiple folders containing music.

Iv now merged all the music into a single folder. But still have the old folder name showing ( the actual folder on the drive has been deleted.)

I need to know how to remove..

Cheers And thanks in advance Vice.
Right Click the source,
Edit Source,
Remove offending Path and rename the Source if necessary.
Save Source.
Goto Settings and Clean the Library
Rescan Library.
Hadn't even thought of using right click.. ( I hardly use the KB/Mouse attached.. ) I tried the delete key and Ctrl Del etc..

In the theme i use Transparency! all you need to do is right click and remove, Then shes gone.

Thanks again guys. Smile