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Full Version: Concerts Naming convention
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Hi guys!

I' ve setted up my XBMC on a mac mini in my living room and this is the best media center ever!! Beautifull!!! thanks

I got a question regarding how to properly name a Concert. I did a good naming of my tv shows like this: familyguy.s01e01.mkv per exemple.... But how do i do for a Concert that each track as it's own song?

MuseHaarp.tr01.mkv ? Will this go look over the net and download the song title automatically like Tv Show's names?

thanks for your time! i did not found anything on this.

hmmmm nevermind....

seems like when i ripped my original dvd, the chapters went all into only one MKV file. So everything automatically works as expected, and i can change songs by pressing forward on my apple remote.

sorry for the noise...