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Full Version: CrystalHD card on Lion?
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Hi Forum,

I upgrade my system to Lion, and now I have Xcode 4 instead of Xcode 3. I tried to build CrystalHD drive from source code, but it looks like CrystalHD drive depend on 10.4 SDK, which Xcode 4 don't have anymore. Anybody know how I can build CrystalHD drive for Lion with Xcode 4?


remove xcode4 and install xcode3, there's a version that works on Lion.
will bump this thread instead of making a new one.

I'm going to upgrade my iMac with a SSD, more ram and a Intel Core 2 Duo T7600 2.33GHz cpu.
I found out that it's possible to install mountain lion on unsupported macs here and here .

According to this blog post you can install xcode3 on mountain lion. So will I be able to build crystalhd on my upgraded iMac later on?


ps. I guess I still need to use the crystalhd card because of the ati x1600 that is soldered onto the logic board? I want to be able to play full Blu-Rays smoothly.
don't do that, you gain nothing (install mountain lion) Smile
(2013-03-08, 15:56)davilla Wrote: [ -> ]don't do that, you gain nothing (install mountain lion) Smile
You have convinced me! Tongue

I'm just excited that I found a way to upgrade my old iMac for a small cost and that I could run the latest OS if I wanted to.

EDIT: after reading some more about Lion and ML I say fuck it. Snow Leopard works fucking great, let's stay with that shit
We are waiting for 10.6.8 Big Grin