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Full Version: Fix for shoutcast 1.1.1 plugin (marked as broken)
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Hi guys,

Spent the afternoon messing around with the original code.

Finally got things working again, and have posted everything on github if you want to use it yourself.


All credit goes to the original authors Big Grin
Let me be the first to say IT WORKS! Great job on fixing this!Big Grin
Yeah it WORKS great Smile Thx allot for fixing it!

Question: Is there any way to fetch fanart, tumbs, logos for station and artist?
Works just great !! Thank you
How to add a station to favorites? Anyone?
arkhan Wrote:How to add a station to favorites? Anyone?

I found this after a quick search:-


So favorites at least looks possible. Will have a proper look after work today.
Yup, you can add to xbmc fav's by right clicking on a station and selecting "Add to Favorites".
WOW this is such a great piece of work!Thanks for your efforts and skilled coding.This has all the usefull features and then some.
Thanks Kobyboy
Works great! Thanks for fixing it. This was one of my favorite features of XBMC.

Thanks mate !

Merry Chistmas
EXCELLENT Smile need only jSon-Rpc command to parse for remote control
Can I have a short explanation?
I dont know, what to do.

Download the plugin and install from zip file.

So glad to have this plugin working, big thanks to those to brought it back to life, sincerely appreciated Nod
hell yeah good look my bwoy..now i can listen to mi reggae my youth RESPECT..and yeah i try the direct tv addon on xbmc but it got errors,can you fix that
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