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Full Version: Allocine (FR) / Screenrush (UK) / Filmstarts (DE) / Sensacine (ES) scraper
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I am using my own Allocine (Movies) scraper for some time now. As this site is French but translated in English, German and Spanish, the scraper supports all of these languages (it seems that less datas are available in English, German and Spanish than in French).

The scraper supports :
- OriginalTitle
- Title
- Year
- Credits
- Directors
- Actors (with thumbs if available)
- Genre
- Studio (it is not the studio but the distributor)
- Plot
- Outline
- Tagline (keywords / tags separated by "/")
- Rating
- Votes
- Posters
- MPAA (it is not the MPAA rate but instead Budget / Projection Format / Production Format / Certification)

Optionally :

- Fanart from Allocine
- Trailers from Allocine (with different qualities)
- Fanart from TMDB
- Runtime from IMDB
- Top250 from IMDB
- Posters from IMDB
- Posters from TMDB

The runtime in Allocine is using minutes and not seconds. We maybe could patch XBMC to support a 's', 'm', or 'h' suffix to runtimes to be able to use runtimes from that sort of site.

It's the very first version, so please be nice with me Wink The scraper could support TV series too, but I don't have time for the moment.
If you can help to debug, add options, translate or test...

Thank's to http://wiki.gromez.fr/dev/api/allocine_v3 for the discover of Allocine's API. (I am using the partner's key for the iDevices found using a tcpdump on my iPad).
Thank's to nicezia for its ScraperXML which helped me to understand how the scrapers work.
Thank's to muttley:bd for its MyMovies.it scraper, I looked at his code to support IMDB / TMDB.
And... thank's to the XBMC devs, of course !

You can download the scraper from here :
Download v0.0.3 => Fix year in title
Download v0.0.2 => New version, with support of the new JSON format
Download v0.0.1

Best regards

Trois Six
Hi, is this still compliant with pre-eden release ?
If yes, how to install it on Windows builds ?
Yep. I am using it on my weekly compiled git snapshot from master branch
I just wanted to make an Allociné scraper.
It's a great job, congratulations. Nod
It's a great job I'll try to make it work, then I send a return
I have tried the allocine and work fine very nice job ;-)
Can you add your plugin on the official database of xbmc ?
I don't think we would allow the inclusion with a "shared" partner key.
In fact there is no french scraper except the xbmc-passion one, but this one is not free...

I have a suggestion for the Allocine Scraper.
Is it possible to find the movie informations with the id of the movie like the scrapper in Yamj ?

Ex: Avatar [ID allocine 61282].mkv


Yes it is. That's already more or less the case thank's to <NfoUrl>. You can create an nfo file for your movie and add a link to http://www.allocine.fr/film/fichefilm_ge...61282.html for exemple for Avatar. XBMC will then use the NfoUrl function in my scrapper to automatically detect that the metadata.allocine.fr addon can scrap this URL.

Bon il est tard, je vais la faire en français ^^

Je viens de tester ce scraper allociné.
Malgré toutes les options proposées dans le premier post, ce scraper n'est pas paramétrable ??
Donc il me rapporte que des infos et images du site allociné.
Ce qui veut dire, très peu d'affiche et pas toujours de bonne qualité contrairement à IMDB et que des trailers en SD, donc pas top non plus.

Je m'y suis mal pris ?
Système -> Paramètres -> Add-ons -> Add-ons activés -> Infos Film -> Allocine -> Configurer
Please respect the forum rules. English only. Thanks.
Thanks very much for this scrapper.

I'm quite newbies in XBMC.
Can you tell me how to install it ?

thanks in advance.
@vdrfan : sorry, just wanted to help...

@french_chris : just put the uncompressed archive in your portable_data/addons folder. You should have a metadata.allocine.fr folder in portable_data/addons, then restart XBMC. Then, you need to select the Allociné scrapper as your scrapper for your movie's directory.
OK, it works perfectly now.

Thanks a lot.
Thanks for the good work.

Here's a slight update to make it work with latest allocine.fr changes: http://pastebin.com/gBPJ3qVD
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