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Full Version: Browse utorrent rss feeds within xbmc?
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Hello, pretty new to xbmc. I`ve been searching for a plugin that will allow me to browse my rss feeds in utorrent and initiate downloads.

Not sure if something like this already exists I have been searching for a while.

I do have the utorrent plugin in xbmc but this only lets you manipulate downloads or add torrents from file.

going to utorrent webui from my brwoser, there is an RSS button at the top that will let you browse your feeds.

In case you're wondering this is not for TV. I have my TV episodes set to auto download and that works fine with xbmc. But for movies I don`t want to auto download anything I want to pick and choose.

Would be great if I could do that within xbmc. Also if would be just perfect if my movie rss feed is displayed as a library so it grabs info from imdb or moviedb, allows me to watch trailer and instead of the play button it would be a download button...