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Full Version: "No Signal" on my RC-270 with XBMC Up
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Hey guys,

I'm running my Acer Aspire Revo, with Windows 7 and I have XBMC (Alaska skin) all of the time. I just recently plugged in my surround sound at my new house and I've been experiencing a rather annoying new problem. I have an Onkyo RC-270 receiver, and for whatever reason when I actually shut the receiver down, if it is off for any extended length of time my receiver shows that there is no signal from the input. The problem is, that I can still connect to the aspire remotely, and I know that it is running because the light is on and I can use SickBeard and CouchPotato from my laptop.

Now, I thought that I would try to plug a new HDMI into the aspire and plug that into an input directly into the tv but that still does not seem to fix the problem.

This is starting to get somewhat frustrating and if anyone has any input or ideas I would love some help.

I have the same AVR, and I connected it to AsRock E350M1 w/ GT430. I never have any problem with HDMI connection. You can try these:

1. install the latest nvidia driver from here- NVIDIA Driver Downloads
2. select nvidia+rc-270 hdmi output in windows 7 control panel and xbmc
3. update onkyo firmware- see page #55 of your owner manual (rc-270)
4. set rc-270 to pass-through video- see page #42 of your owner manual (rc-270)

Note- make sure to connect your system in this order- revo>rc-270>hdtv via two hadmi cables.

I hope that it help!
I appreciate your suggestions, and I have done all of them, but sadly without result. Is there anything else anyone can suggest? I have isolated that the problem in fact does have something to do with XBMC being up, I left my aspire on for over two day and had no problem displaying anything.