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Full Version: Problems with XBMC and Win 7
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Hello All!

So I made a change to my system which has left one of the XBMC machines unable to login.

I used to have a NAS (DNS-323) but it only had 1 TB and even though I know I could have upgraded the drives to 2 TB it was only 2 drives and I wanted to have a little more data security. So I decided to install 4 500GB Seagate Barracuda drives in RAID5 on my Windows 7 machine since it's on ALL the time anyway.

After moving over all the files I had to go through all the XBMC installs and change the file location to the RAID. My ATV2's and iPAD both worked without a hitch. The XBMC Live on my HTPC didn't work.

I have tried removing myself from the homegroup and ensuring the advanced options are as required. I do not have Windows Live Sign In Assistant installed either.

The guides i've found online are fairly old and I would imagine there has to be something I'm missing but I have made sure that the password i'm using it correct.

I have another computer which I plan to use as my HTPC. It's a Core 2 Quad Q9450 with 4 GB of RAM and a GeForce 9800 GTX video card which I'll use a DVI to HDMI cable on. Would it be ok to run XBMC from Windows 7 or should I do the same as my existing HTPC and have a dual boot? I had XBMC running from Windows on that machine before and it was really quick.

Thanks in advance!
are you just sharing files, or did you set up a mysql server as well?
I'm only sharing files from my raid. I plan to setup an MySQL server in future but current do not have one setup.
strange. Can you give us a Debug Log from the machine running Live when it tries to access the shares? (make sure debugging is turned on in the settings)
Ned sorry for the late reply. I found a suggestion online to use an FTP server instead and i'm very happy, i did as the speed is incredible, i may not do shares again.

I was wondering though. With my new computer should i install xbmc in dual or just run it from windows? I was going to put WinXP on it unless there is a specific reason i should use a newer version of windows.

I have run xbmc with that computer setup before and it runs flawlessly.
WinXP doesn't allow you to use DXVA2
Cool no big deal, i'll just get Win 7.

Are there any disadvantages to ftp vs smb?