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Full Version: Context sensitive "Default select action" possible?
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I would like to have XBMC default to a different "Default select action" (in Settings->File lists) depending on the source material. I would like it to default to "Play" to TV shows and "Show information" for Movies. I appreciate I could simply use the "Choose" option but this would involve an additional button press when watching anything.

(Was going to post this to the general forum but assume this is Confluence related.)
I'll raise this question again since I wan't the same behavior.
You should be able to achieve this with changes in the appropriate keyboard.xml sections I think....
I don't see any available action in keyboard.xml that would differentiate between "Play" in the movies section and "Play" in the TV section - or maybe I'm missing something? (This is the first time I've looked in the keyboard.xml stuff)
As far as I know you can't do anything other than set it in settings as its coded in the c++
I've been looking in to the keyboard.xml and it only handles Video as a section, so no solution there.

I've been thinking of a workaround and playing around with Python script (first time I've looked at that) and I'm not sure if it can be solved but I'll take that in the Python section.
Yeah sorry I thought about it later and keyboard.xml won't work - Python may struggle as well as I don't think you can call 'play from here' as a separate function, leastwise I haven't seen a reference to it.

(One other idea - there was an addon around that let you bind multiple commands to one remote input IIRC - if it allows general commands, then you could macro it to to 'c' for context menu, 'down once' to play from here and then 'ok' - but you'd still need two separate keys on your remote - one for this macro play from here thingy and one for normal play.

(Addon: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=134129) - overall I am not sure this would work).

Harmony remotes (and many others) let you do macro commands you could also use.

No worries, you tried to help and for that I'm thankful.

Play from here would be nice if that worked, but since I'm probably will use MPC-HC as external player I think I'll have to live without it.