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Full Version: Logo Downloader (the end of it as we know it)
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some time ago i discussed with ppic and Machine-Sanctum if it would be possible to merge the logo downloader script and the extra fanart script.

we had the idea it wouldn't be in anyone's interest to have different addons for several types of extra artwork goodies and felt it would be better to have one addon to rule them all.

as a result, all features of logo downloader have been merged into, what is now known as, script.artwork.downloader

this addon is in our repo now, and i feel the time has come to say goodbye to the logo downloader script.

my plan is to keep logo downloader in the pre-eden repo for a while
so all skinners get some time to make the needed changes to their skin,
but it won't be there anymore in the final eden repo.
good work all of you! you have all made xbmc look so good!

thanks for all your efforts and time taken to develop such great addons
indeed thanks to ppic and ronie for laying the foundation of Artwork Downloader. I really hope we made a worthy successor for Logo-Downloader.

Although i haven't been using XBMC very long it has indeed been a great addition to the whole media experience. Thank you Smile

Artwork Downloader support:
skin support:

end user support:

Small note:
This will also mean the end of Extrafanart Downloader
Appreciate the work.
Thanks ppic & ronie for all your time! It's served us all well with eye candy and skinning options. Sad to see the script die but the Artwork Downloader is a worthy successor imo, and a nice feet of communication and collaboration. Nice work paddycarey, putneyj & Machine-Sanctum on the new script, works great!