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Full Version: Problem scraping at drive level, not folder level
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Hi guys,

I'm having trouble scanning my TV Shows and Movies to the Library. If I scan for content at the top level ie ServerTVShows then it doesn't find anything. If I go into SererTVShows, select a show and then scan it then it finds it okay and adds it to the library. I've not had a problem with this before, but I've recently reinstalled Windows and it's now giving me this issue. I really don't want to go into every folder and add them that way ... it'll take forever.

I've uploaded a log to pastebin but this is my first time - apologies if I've messed it up ;-)



I'm no expert but looks to me like share permissions if you look from line 140 in your pastebin the xbmc can not see the directories from root but can when you manually go in. I would say that the root of your share needs more permissions granted. Just a guess.
When you set the content on the source, did you enable "Scan recursively"?

Yeah I'm setting Scan Recursively.

I've been running XBMC for a while now and haven't had this problem before. However, I've recently changed over from WHS to WHS2011 and I'm having a few problems with it. It could be a server share issue ...