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Full Version: Files wont add to library
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I've tried searching the forums for this so sorry if I've missed anything.

I have a number of TV episodes which I can't get to add to my library.
Other files in the same folder will add OK, and if I browse to the files within XBMC they play fine so I know they are supported.

I've tried moving the files and deleting them from XBMC to re-add, but have the same issue.
I've also tried renaming the files to see if there was something wrong there, but no joy.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Matt Huh
What are they called (file name) and what show do they belong to?
I see it's your first post, in case you hadn't spotted there is a wiki for XBMC.

There is a lot of info on there and problems can be solved quicker:

though if you are still having trouble reply some more to this thread.

Welcome to the forums!
Thanks for the responses, I'll check out the wiki.

The episodes are all of Castle. Season 1 adds fine but 2 and 3 just don't.
I can't believe that they don't exist on the tvdb scraper site.

I've tried a number of different file names, but they are currently castle.s02.e01.mkv etc.
And each season exists in its own folder

Are there any logs I can turn on / look at to see what's happening?

There is a debug log. (google should be able to tell you the wiki page)

Quote:The episodes are all of Castle. Season 1 adds fine but 2 and 3 just don't.
I can't believe that they don't exist on the tvdb scraper site.
Better believe it:

However Castle (2009) has multiple seasons:

Is this the castle you wanted?
If so the reason it is called castle (2009) is because a series already existed so that gets the title first.

So you will have to call your files:
castle (2009).s02.e01.mkv
Thanks pseudo

After some more playing with the file names, and reading of the Wiki and this forum post, I realised that it also matters what the folder is called, so instead of having a folder called Castle with the seasons in sub folders, I have to have the folder name Castle (2009) followed by the seasons in sub folders.

Now that I have this, XBMC has picked up all the episodes and seasons properly Big Grin.

Thanks for all your help with this.

Hi pseudo

I could have sworn I'd posted this already, but maybe not.

Thanks for all your help with this.
After reading your posts and links I came to the revelation that the folder name is also very important.
Even though I had my files named as per your last post, it was still picking up the (no doubt exciting) wrong Castle.
After my lightbulb moment, I renamed the toll level folder from 'Castle' to 'Castle (2009)' and this worked like a charm.
So much so that the other series I hadn't got to add previously but that I wasn't particularly bothered by are now showing too Big Grin

Thanks again for your help.

Not a problem, glad you got there yourself (so learnt more).

Once you understand naming schemes everything is hunky dory!

Happy xbmc-ing!