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Full Version: [RELEASE] Official XBMC boblight Addon
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Which addon version are you using - latest addon should be able to properly detect the 64 bit runtime (how annoying if it still doesn't)
Im using 2.0.18, Kodi 17.3 on 3 different Win10 Pro machines. Only "libboblight-win32.0.dll" is in the lib folder, I created a log on my Win10 Laptop, boblight event starts at 23:45:15.232:

You are running the 32 bit version of kodi - is this by intention? It should be able to load the 32 bit dll fine then ...
From your log

connection to boblightd failed: Connect timed out

I think it loads the dll fine but you don't have any Boblight daemon running ...
Yeah, 32 bit Kodi intentionally. Thought I'd need the 64 bit DLL for Win10 64bit OS though, sorry my mistake.

All is good with your addon then, thanks to you and your work Smile
I've recently updated my hardware and am now running Kodi 17.3 on a Asus VC65R, Windows 10. My new computer only has USB 3 and USB 3.1 ports. I think this might be causing a problem with boblightd. When I start boblightd, the cmd window opens for a split second, closes, and the lights blink. Also when I run the arduino software, the lights blink real fast as well, where they use to slowly go through the colors. If anyone has any ideas I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks for the support.
Hey, thank you guys for your work on this!

I'm using a Lightpack Setup with boblight in Libreelec and it looks amazing!

Is it possible to add a "function" that boblight kills the lights when the htpc goes into suspend while video or live tv is running?

When I turn off the htpc via remote while video is running, the system goes into suspend but the lights stay on like they were in the situation before suspend.
When I stop the video before suspend, everything is fine of course.
OK, found out that there is an addon, to toggle boblight on/off.

I have it already working assigned to a key on my remote, that toggles boblight on / off.

Is there a possibility to bind this to the power key on my remote - so that the power key toggles boblight on / off and sends kodi into suspend?
Good morning, I need help with my boblight.
I have configured it all and everything works perfectly, but I only have one problem.
When I have a completely black movie scene the LEDs do not turn off, but they make white light and it's horrible.
Must this be so wrong or wrong with some setting?
I use LibreElec.
Thanks for your help.
Increase the threshold in the boblight addon settings. The higher the setting the earlier boblight will turn off the lights on darker scenes
(2017-09-18, 18:44)Memphiz Wrote: [ -> ]Increase the threshold in the boblight addon settings. The higher the setting the earlier boblight will turn off the lights on darker scenes

I have tried many settings but the result is always like that in the picture


where I have the black screen the leds give me white light
Not sur of libreelec comes with boblight-constant - this is a command line tool for testing constant colors. Would be interesting if setting color to 000000 (which is black) properly switches off the leds.
I set the colors in the static background light
red 0
green 0
blue 0
and I think the lights should be off ... but they make white light to me

Memphiz is wrong or is it a protos that of your avatar?

I did try also by modifying the boblight.conf putting 000000 on green and blue red and the led always fires the white light Confused
Its a protos500 yeah (good eyes Wink ). Whats the used hardware and please post your boblightd.conf to pastebin.com and put the link in here.
This is mine boblight.conf

I do not know my hardware but I attach the photos


Until two days ago i used it in another pc under windows 10 and it worked fine.
Now I bought a NUC7i3BNH intel nuc using LibreElec because under windows kodi I was having problems with h256 video formats in 8bit