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Full Version: [RELEASE] Official XBMC boblight Addon
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I also want to use boblight. But before i buy all parts i have a question.
What happens if i play videos with black bars encoded at the top/bottom of the video?
In this thread i only found that there is no problem when the black bars are not encoded.
And here that there is a black bar detection (http://blogger.xs4all.nl/loosen/articles/408277.aspx).

I'am not sure if there are two different boblight versions (xbmc and X11) and if there is also a black bars detection in the xbmc version?
This addon is meant to replace boblight-X11.
Boblight-X11 uses the whole screen for led color, it also computes led color in menu and outside xbmc. Black bars are not detected and only the side will have color if you watch a 21:9 video.

Xbmc addon, computes led color only on the video rendering. It means that it displays static color in xbmc menu and ignores video ratio -> black bars are ignored.
But It does not detect hard encoded black bars, it will treat them as video and display black color on leds.

By the way, I was wondering if this could change in the future with an option like if xx% of the screen is black just ignore it.
You already can configure the activate pixels in the boblightd.conf on the server side - meaning the pixles which are used to compute the led colors.
So i can configure static pixels which are always within the real video.
But what if i then watch a real 16:9 movie? Are the calculated colors not more accurate if they are always from the border of the picture or is this wrong?

Wouldn't it be possible and better to detect black bars, also with the upcoming live tv in XBMC where black bars are always encoded?
I don't know how exactly the color detection works, but shouldn't it be possible to detect the bars when the average color of xx pixels at the top and bottom is black?
well before discussing sensless things here. Black bars are no issue with boblight. I just configured to take 25% of the picture on each side and it works since a year while watching any formats which come up on tv and stuff. So just don't worry.
Just did a Video of my new Ambilight Setting using 78 Channels.



is there a good 5 sentence how to how to use boblightd on winodws together with xbmc and the boblight addon? I will need it for the new sedu ambilight stripes project here


@ blackbars

weill, its kinda strange that boblight doesn't detect blackbars, i think this sucks a little as it makes the pic much smoother using such deep values like 25% to detect over blackbars... doenst matter at 16 channels ambilight but with 100 it sucks.
I already asked for to change this or ad a formula of weighting. Menas for example a funktion of

-> example


f(x) = 0,0004x² - 0,04x + 1
= 0,0004(x - 50)²

-> if param ==1
weighing factor X = 0,0004x² - 0,04x + 1
weighing factor Y = 0,0004Y² - 0,04Y + 1

would mean pixels near to the border will have more and stronger weighing which would mean u can use big blocks of analyse but if there are no black bars, the result should not become that "smooth" as the boder colors are stronger rated.

Maybe anybody is able to add his code to the git of bob too Wink

@ Bob

think abt Big Grin

@ all

maybe u are interested in my tool to generate a boblight.conf file.


Works out of box with my upper project stripes.

Another idea was that maybe the boblight addon 4 xbmc can start up boblight with different config files for different aspect ratios.

I can simply generate a boblight,conf for 16:9 movies as well as for 4:3 for example.

This would be cool as well, not that cool lock a real blackbar detection but cool Wink


Quote:Xbmc addon, computes led color only on the video rendering. It means that it displays static color in xbmc menu and ignores video ratio -> black bars are ignored.
But It does not detect hard encoded black bars, it will treat them as video and display black color on leds.

Really? What happens if i use boblight-X11 manually to start it on boot. Will this behave the same or not? I am using manual start instead of addon for now due to the menu effect.

i will try.
As far as i know boblight-X11 does the same with blackbars as plugin. I'm also using the old boblight-X11 and the only thing that i miss is 'mood light' option in boblight.
well... if I use smal "depht" values of maybe 0 -> 5 i will get complete black for the upper LEDs. I will check if the addon behaves the same then.
Krautmster I like your tool to calculate the lights. only two things would be nice to have.
1. The bottom line should be totally configurable so that the offsets can be manually setted.
2. It would be nice to have an option to set which is the first light.

Also the header configuration is usable only for sedu board i assume because the prefix can not be set. Because if you select 16 up, 16 down, left 9 and right 9 it says that there are 46 channels. From where, shouldn't be 50?
Also i do not understand completely how do you count the light number and what is 'channels sub'?
If I am able to run boblight-X11 on start, is there any benefit in using this add-on? does it create less CPU-usage?
No, but it'll only react to the video, so not the black bars, subtitles and gui elements.

my tool is designed for this


solution so far, u are able to choose the side / corner u want to start.

If i find time i may program a fully configurable tool yeap =)


i dont know if it was asked before, but i get a strange green only light while playing movies or TV, some tv series works fine , what might be the problem?



seems like the addon doenst work with FernetMentas new VDPAU options.

"Allow VDPAU OpenGL interop YUV"
Hi all,

I have installed an Adalight-like LED Strand with 44 leds on my newly installed XBMCbuntu.
Leds are firing correctly, and boblight-constant tests show proper colors.

My only issues come down to dark scenes, where instead of going off or dim, leds are showing blue lights, anyone ever experienced this issue and has a solution ?
When scene is completely black, leds are going off correctly...

Play with the threshhold value then which basically tells boblight to switch off the leds when the color on the screen is near black.