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Full Version: [RELEASE] Official XBMC boblight Addon
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(2012-06-13, 11:14)Memphiz Wrote: [ -> ]Play with the threshhold value then which basically tells boblight to switch off the leds when the color on the screen is near black.
Thanks a lot, that's much better... !
I lowered the value for blue in the conf file too, and it's now quite good Smile
I've installed boblight on my MacBook and everything works perfect. I did the exact same install on my Mac mini, but when I start a movie or tv show xbmc freezes after it sits at the buffering screen for a few minutes. If I disable boblight everything works fine... no freezing.

I have deleted all of my userdata and re-installed xbmc twice, but it still does the same thing. Strange because my MacBook running the same OS and using the same hardware works just fine.

Anyone have any idea why it would lock up like that?

*UPDATE* I managed to get it working, but it only works when the configuration (in XBMC) is set to FAST for both MOVIES & MUSICVIDEOS. I have tried custom settings and adjusted the speed with no luck. Audio will play for about 10sec with no video and then XBMC freezes and I have to force quit.

*UPDATE #2* Happy Times!!!! I got it working. I changed the rate in the config file to 230400 for the baud speed and it worked!!!

*UPDATE #3* Too good to be true... it worked for a bit and then it started doing the same thing again Sad I took the Macbook HDD and booted it on the Mac Mini and it still didn't work... looks like it's the Mac Mini. Macbook works flawlessly though...

If anyone has had luck with the Mac Mini please let me know what you did to get it to work.

Add this to advancedsettings.xml:

(2012-06-16, 16:15)bobo1on1 Wrote: [ -> ]Add this to advancedsettings.xml:


I did that, but no luck... Does the same thing. When I start XBMC it finds boblight with no problems... it flashes the color range and then the background lights come on. So it's connecting just fine... it just causes the entire system to freeze when I play a movie, tvshow, music video or youtube.

The only thing that looks different in boblight.conf is the usb port... my macbook is /dev/tty.usbmodem621 and my mac mini says /dev/tty.usbmodemfb131.

Not sure what the 'FB' stands for... I tried plugging it into a USB hub and it said 'FA' instead of FB and the number was '1121'.

Any other ideas?

Thank you

So I changed <useocclusionquery>0</useocclusionquery> to <useocclusionquery>1</useocclusionquery> and it works when I am in windowed mode. If I go to full screen then it freezes. It doesn't do this on the macbook... only on the mac mini. Is there a setting similar to the windows version where I can set it to "use a fullscreen window rather than a true fullscreen'?
Try editing guisettings.xml, find the <usepbo> node and set it to false.
If that doesn't work, I don't have a solution.
(2012-06-16, 20:42)bobo1on1 Wrote: [ -> ]Try editing guisettings.xml, find the <usepbo> node and set it to false.
If that doesn't work, I don't have a solution.

Thank you... Thank you... Thank you... Thank you Smile

You just made my month!!!! Works perfect.

I can't thank you enough.

They say you are what you eat... and I'm willing to bet this morning you ate a [email protected]%$'n legend!
Hello all!
I have an arduino uno. Is it possible to have this configuration: XBMC with the boblight addon, the arduino (for ambilight) on a windows pc, and in the network an ubuntu pc with the boblightd server?
If yes, how to configure to get it works? I tried but with no result.
Somebody can help? Thanks
Ps: sorry for my bad english
In boblight.conf, don't supply an interface option, and in the xbmc boblight addon set the address to the address of the ubuntu pc.
Thank you very much!! Now boblight addon can connect to boblightd!
But there is another problem, maybe you could help me. The is a problem with the output setting: I tried with /dev/ttyACM0, but it didn't work. As the arduino is on the windows 7 pc on COM3 I set output "com3" but nothing. Then I tried output com3 (without quotes) but it didn't work. What is the good value?
Thank you again.
Hi everyone,

I built myself an adalight-strand and connected them to an arduino uno, so now i wanted to try installing boblightd on my linux machine. But when i check http://code.google.com/p/boblight/downloads/list, there simply are no download whatsoever. any Idead why it's gone and where i might get it?

thanks in advance
nevermind i seem to have completely ignored the source tab Sad
on unbuntu. Just after pluging in your arduino, run dmesg | tail to see where your arduino is mapped.
(2012-06-19, 12:39)ramouch0 Wrote: [ -> ]@gef974
on unbuntu. Just after pluging in your arduino, run dmesg | tail to see where your arduino is mapped.

Thanks for your aswer but the arduino is not on the ubuntu pc, but on the windows 7 pc. I tried dmesg tail but it doesn't give me any information about the mapping of the arduino. I know that it's mapped on the COM3 of the windows pc but when I set output COM3, there is no light during playback.
I don't understand your setup.
You need to run boblightd on the PC where the arduino is plugged.
The boblight addon can be run on any other device.
Arduino+Boblightd <<--------network ------>>XBMC+boblight addon

In your case, plug the arduino on your ubuntu server or run boblightd on your windows PC.