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Full Version: [RELEASE] Official XBMC boblight Addon
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(2013-05-02, 14:59)TeKo Wrote: [ -> ]1st 4A is probably not enought to power 100 LEDs.

Can you post your boblight.conf?

Try setting the addon to slow for Movies instead of custom settings.

Hi ,

I tried setting it to slow but then the response time got even worse.

Do people have better experiences with the OXM player?
How can I get program who will be display only one any color all the time?
Just use "Prismatik".
(2013-05-05, 19:50)TeKo Wrote: [ -> ]Just use "Prismatik".

Prismatik only outputs to USB, not to IP / Raspberry - Not an option?
(2013-05-07, 10:40)troyk Wrote: [ -> ]
(2013-05-05, 19:50)TeKo Wrote: [ -> ]Just use "Prismatik".

Prismatik only outputs to USB, not to IP / Raspberry - Not an option?

This was in response to the constant color question.
Hi everyone. I am having a little trouble setting up my LEDs, here's my set up:
ws2801 led strips - 2 strips containing 64 leds
arduino uno

I believe I have set everything up correctly following various blog posts but unfortunately when runnning boblight it will lose connection and the device will dissappear from /dev/. The only work around to this is to unplug and plug the arduino back in.

If I run boblight-x11 on a static colour background it will last indefinitely though.

If anyone could provide any help or point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
Sounds like an issue with the power unit then? (e.x. voltage for the arduino drops when the leds get into action).
At the moment it's only powered by the USB, I have power supply though but even when that's plugged into the arduino it seems to do it still.
But you have an extra power unit for the leds i hope?
(2013-05-05, 19:50)TeKo Wrote: [ -> ]Just use "Prismatik".

I have a boblight system on arduino uno and I want to have both capabilities. One program (boblight) to run with film and other to run one color background. I tried to configurate "Prismatik", but this doesn't work and I don't know why.
I wrote a patch which adds 3D functionality to the boblight-add on. If you patch the source code using the diff from my posting, you will find a new option in the settings of the boblight-addon.
You can choose between:
Off -> No 3D
SideBySide -> for half-SBS movies
Top/Bottom -> for half-top-bottom movies

Feel free to add the code to the original project source code.

Kind regards,
Uwe Heinritz.

diff -u -r script.xbmc.boblight.ori/default.py script.xbmc.boblight/default.py
--- script.xbmc.boblight.ori/default.py    2013-05-17 11:33:54.000000000 +0200
+++ script.xbmc.boblight/default.py    2013-05-20 11:50:07.954423244 +0200
@@ -189,14 +189,22 @@
         if not settings.staticBobActive:
           if capture.getCaptureState() == xbmc.CAPTURE_STATE_DONE and player_monitor.isPlaying():
-            width = capture.getWidth();
-            height = capture.getHeight();
+            widthori = capture.getWidth();
+            heightori = capture.getHeight();
+        if settings.bob3D == 1:
+              widthused = widthori / 2
+            else:
+              widthused = widthori
+        if settings.bob3D == 3:
+              heightused = heightori / 2
+            else:
+              heightused = heightori
             pixels = capture.getImage();
-            bob.bob_setscanrange(width, height)
+            bob.bob_setscanrange(widthused, heightused)
             rgb = (c_int * 3)()
-            for y in range(height):
-              row = width * y * 4
-              for x in range(width):
+            for y in range(heightused):
+              row = widthori * y * 4
+              for x in range(widthused):
                 rgb[0] = pixels[row + x * 4 + 2]
                 rgb[1] = pixels[row + x * 4 + 1]
                 rgb[2] = pixels[row + x * 4]
diff -u -r script.xbmc.boblight.ori/resources/language/English/strings.xml script.xbmc.boblight/resources/language/English/strings.xml
--- script.xbmc.boblight.ori/resources/language/English/strings.xml    2013-05-17 11:33:54.000000000 +0200
+++ script.xbmc.boblight/resources/language/English/strings.xml    2013-05-20 11:38:52.522308693 +0200
@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@
   <string id="104">Disable boblight</string>
   <string id="105">Override used category</string>
   <string id="106">Category</string>
+  <string id="107">3D Mode</string>

   <string id="200">Movie</string>
@@ -26,6 +27,11 @@
   <string id="220">Custom</string>
   <string id="221">Slow</string>
   <string id="222">Fast</string>
+  <!--Movie/MusicVideo/Other-->
+  <string id="230">Off</string>
+  <string id="231">SideBySide</string>
+  <string id="232">Top/Bottom</string>
   <string id="300">Musicvideo</string>
diff -u -r script.xbmc.boblight.ori/resources/language/German/strings.xml script.xbmc.boblight/resources/language/German/strings.xml
--- script.xbmc.boblight.ori/resources/language/German/strings.xml    2013-05-17 11:33:54.000000000 +0200
+++ script.xbmc.boblight/resources/language/German/strings.xml    2013-05-20 11:28:33.086225650 +0200
@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@
   <string id="104">Boblight ausschalten</string>
   <string id="105">Erzwinge Kategorie</string>                                                                                                                                                              
   <string id="106">Kategorie</string>
+  <string id="107">3D Modus</string>

   <string id="200">Film</string>
@@ -26,6 +27,11 @@
   <string id="220">Eigene</string>
   <string id="221">langsam</string>
   <string id="222">schnell</string>
+  <!--3D-->
+  <string id="230">Aus</string>
+  <string id="231">SideBySide</string>
+  <string id="232">Top/Bottom</string>
   <string id="300">Musikvideo</string>
diff -u -r script.xbmc.boblight.ori/resources/lib/settings.py script.xbmc.boblight/resources/lib/settings.py
--- script.xbmc.boblight.ori/resources/lib/settings.py    2013-05-17 11:33:54.000000000 +0200
+++ script.xbmc.boblight/resources/lib/settings.py    2013-05-20 11:29:50.258235714 +0200
@@ -57,6 +57,7 @@
     self.networkaccess              = __addon__.getSetting("networkaccess") == "true"  
     self.overwrite_cat              = __addon__.getSetting("overwrite_cat") == "true"
     self.overwrite_cat_val          = int(__addon__.getSetting("overwrite_cat_val"))
+    self.bob3D                      = int(__addon__.getSetting("bob3D"))
     self.screensaver                = xbmc.getCondVisibility("System.ScreenSaverActive")
     self.bobdisable                 = __addon__.getSetting("bobdisable") == "true"
     self.current_option             = ""
Binärdateien script.xbmc.boblight.ori/resources/lib/settings.pyc and script.xbmc.boblight/resources/lib/settings.pyc sind verschieden.
diff -u -r script.xbmc.boblight.ori/resources/settings.xml script.xbmc.boblight/resources/settings.xml
--- script.xbmc.boblight.ori/resources/settings.xml    2013-05-17 11:33:54.000000000 +0200
+++ script.xbmc.boblight/resources/settings.xml    2013-05-20 11:27:38.354218395 +0200
@@ -9,6 +9,8 @@
     <setting id="hostport" type="number" subsetting="true" enable="eq(-2,true)" label="103" default="19333" />
     <setting id="sep2" type="sep" />
     <setting id="bobdisable" type="bool" label="104" default="false" />
+    <setting id="sep4" type="sep" />
+    <setting id="bob3D" type="enum" subsettings="true" label="107" default="0" lvalues="230|231|232" />
   <category label="200">
     <setting id="movie_preset" type="enum" label="201" default="1" lvalues="220|221|222" />
Could you do a pull request against http://github.com/bobo1on1/script.xbmc.boblight please?
I do not use git. Can you add the few lines to the git-source-code by your own?

Kind regards,
Uwe Heinritz.
I'm not Even sure if this is the right Approach hence i wanted a pull request for discussing purposes - there is xbmc 3D Support in the Works which might Even add autodetection. I guess Setting the 3D Mode in boblight settings will become annoying really quick when switching between 2D and 3D Movies - no?
yes it is annoing. But currently there is no other possibility, because the addon could not ask XBMC for 2D/3D (sbs or t/b) movie.

I suggest to add the patch as it is, so the users have a working 3D mode in boblight (improvement to now!), which also works with older XBMC's (the new 3D-stuff will be not available in older XBMC's).

When you finished the 3D support in XBMC, you can add a 4'th value to the 3D-Mode enumeration, which enables the autodetection of XBMC.

If Auto is selected the plugin only have to ask XBMC for current mode (half X or half Y).

Kind regards,
Uwe Heinritz.