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Full Version: [RELEASE] Official XBMC boblight Addon
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Not quiet sure which download issue you are refering to.
Memphiz, thanks for all your work on this addon, very much appreciated.

I too have an Nvidia Shield TV box and it's working perfectly without the acceleration.

The Shield uses Surface hardware-acceleration.

I've noticed some frame-drops without it enabled on HD streaming and 1080p movies. No such issues when it is enabled, but of course, no capture.

I also had the same issue as Cudi. The libboblight.so that gets installed with the addon doesn't immediately work on the Shield. Only grabbing it from GitHub and replacing it in the /data/data/[kodi directory] gets the lights into action.
Hi everyone;

I was wondering if the Boblight addon can work properly on my (under 30$) Arm-based Amlogic S805 Android HDMI Stick MK808B Plus with an Openelec distribution (currently OpenELEC thanks to kszaq ( http://freaktab.com/forum/tv-player-supp...p;p=281166);

I would like to follow this tutorial step by step (http://www.tweaking4all.com/home-theatre...11-ws2812/), but as I didn't ordered yet the Arduino nor the LED strips, I can't know for sure if the USB serial communication between my HDMI stick USB port(s) - there's one OTG and one typa-A USB ports- and the Arduino will be functional.

Is anyone here had success using Boblight with this kind of Android stick/Android HDMI minipc under an Openelec distribution? Smile
Im on the latest build of kodi having major problems with boblight. Whenever I enable it it crashes or it won't let my videos play. Just audio no video. Any help on what to do. Its been like this for me ever since Kodi came out. Any Help?
Which platform and kodi Version?
Im on a Cubox i4. Not sure what Kodi Ill check. I haven been able to use my lights for months now because of this. I have to disable boblight for me to be able to play anything.
Its unrelated to the addon but related to the cubox kodi support then. Not sure where your post would fit better tbh. Did it ever work on that cubox?
Yes the lights worked Before Kodi came out. I know its the add-on. Whenever I enable it videos don't work. Anything else to try?
I really want to see my lights working again. Any help will help. Thanks
OK here is what I just found out. Everything works until I install my config file. Ive been using the same config file for a couple of years now. Once I install it no videos will play. It just crashes and restarts. What can I do?
OK now Ive installed Geexbox and installed the config file. At boot up the lights light up. But when I play a video it freezes. What could be going on?
Once more - it is not related to the addon but to the rendercapture support for cubox (which of Course comes only into play Once you enable the addon but which is not Part of the addon) - i am pretty sure - maybe try the Linux forum instead.
Hello and happy new year. In the Nvidia Shield TV thread, we found out that boblight is always downloading the x86 version of libboblight.so, that is why you need to manually download the library. See this post and the following 5 ones for more information: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=...pid2200055
Is it auto-detecting Android TV as a x86 OS because of the Nexus Player maybe?
Happy New Year to all of you. Stupid question, but is it possible to set up Isengard running on a SECONDARY display of a Windows (10 x64) box with BobLight? I have read a while ago that BobLight backend for Windows only supported primary displays back then, has this situation changed maybe, or is there any workaround via modifying config files, etc? Many thanks.