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Full Version: [RELEASE] Official XBMC boblight Addon
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Recently i found out that X11 mode can be used within OpenELEC on AMD GPU's
Except i can't control speed, saturation etc.

As far as I know you need to disable Kodi Boblight addon when using X11 mode but is it, do i need to disable it or can I still use it to control speed, saturation etc?
you need to disable it - x11-boblight uses its ownnclient which is responsible for speed, saturation etc.
Hi all,

I am trying to run Boblight from Kodi 16 on my mac mini.
I installed Kodi Boblight 2.0.16 and downloaded the required library as suggested. However it fails to connect to boblight daemon.

From kodi.log I get:
10:35:41 T:123145303990272 DEBUG: ### [Kodi Boblight] - connecting to local boblightd
10:35:41 T:123145303990272 DEBUG: ### [Kodi Boblight] - connection to boblightd failed: SO_ERROR Connection refused

I guess i don't have boblightd installed on my mac and I don't see it in the Kodi Repository.

How should i proceed? Any help is much appreciated.

Read the first post - the boblight daemon is not provided but needs to be compiled by yourself. Not sure if it even works on osx. I normally run the daemon on my NAS for example (where i have my leds connected to too...)
Thanks for your reply.

I compiled for OSX from source, using this tutorial https://github.com/guh/guh/wiki/Boblightd and have the daemon running!

Maybe I should too run it on my Synology NAS, but for now I am happy to run it on OSX.

Cheers, Ray
I'm a bit confused and need some help to set boblight.
I'm not sure if I got this right.. is it possible to use boblight addon in windows based kodi machine? I have arduino connected to win10 htpc via usb and I just installed boblightd in my ubuntu server.

first what I did was
svn checkout http://boblight.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ boblight-read-only
cd boblight-read only
./configure --without-portaudio --without-x11 --without-libusb
sudo make install

But I'm not sure how to proceed next. Where should I set boblight.config? In server or to win machine?

edit. I got it working now. I uninstalled boblight and installed ambibox instead. I got kodi to recognize boblightd but lights never appeared, however. now ambibox is running on windows machine and I'm happy.
You need to connect the arduino to the ubuntu server (where boblightd runs) first ...
As someone with almost zero Linux knowledge, would today's announcement from Microsoft mean that a Windows 10 HTPC with Kodi installed could also run Boblight without requiring a separate Linux machine such as a Raspberry Pi? http://www.theverge.com/2016/3/30/113310...buntu-bash
You don't need linux!
The boblightd (boblight deamon) is available for windows described in following how to

Hi! I've been trying to get my colors correct, but nothin seems to be working. The problem with the default settings (adjust and gamma 1.0) is that when the screen appears yellow, the LEDs are glowing red. The other colors are pretty close, allthough not perfect. And if i ajdust the red with a lower setting, the blues and greens take over.

There is nothing wrong with the hexadecimal codes as previously suggested.
I'm getting the feeling that there's just a figure needing to be changed, or a "button needing to get pushed".

I'm thankful for any help! Smile

been using boblight for a while now and it works great !

Only since a few releases, I get a lot of skipped frames when using the addon:

since moving to OE 6..0.0 and using boblight 6.0.0 i get a lot of skipped frames.

turning boblight off, stoppes the skipped frames.

nuc i3 ivy bridge
lightpack 1
panasonic 24hz tv

enabling boblight but not showing any color maked it skip frames. So even if boblightd is not turning on the lights, the frames are dropped. disabling xbmc boblight solves the skipped frames.

any file format and refreshrate causes skipped frames.

I have even done a complete rebuild, starting from OpenElec 4.2.1 -> 5.0.8 -> 6.0.0 -> 7.0.0

any thougths ?

OpenElec: 5.0.8 full has no issues when boblight is disabled and no issues when enabled

18:49:15.693732 (InitLog)                        start of log /storage/.boblight/boblightd.log
18:49:15.693845 (PrintFlags)                     starting boblightd -c /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.multimedia.boblightd/boblight.conf
18:49:15.693872 (CConfig::LoadConfigFromFile)    opening /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.multimedia.boblightd/boblight.conf
18:49:15.694376 (CConfig::CheckConfig)           checking config lines
18:49:15.694840 (CConfig::CheckConfig)           config lines valid
18:49:15.694862 (CConfig::BuildConfig)           building config
18:49:15.695541 (CConfig::BuildConfig)           built config successfully
18:49:15.695567 (main)                           starting devices
18:49:15.695623 (CClientsHandler::Process)       opening listening socket on
18:49:15.695698 (CDevice::Process)               LP1: starting
18:49:15.695743 (CDevice::Process)               LP1: setting up
18:49:15.725286 (CDeviceLightpack::SetupDevice)  LP1: found Lightpack at bus 2 address 8, serial is 95230303231351210031
18:49:15.725831 (CDeviceLightpack::SetupDevice)  LP1: Lightpack is initialized, bus 2 device address 8
18:49:15.725886 (CDevice::Process)               LP1: setup succeeded
18:49:22.635550 (CClientsHandler::Process) connected
18:49:22.635683 (CClientsHandler::ParseMessage) said hello
18:49:22.811975 (CClientsHandler::ParseSet) priority set to 128
18:49:28.404569 (CClientsHandler::ParseSet) priority set to 255
18:51:24.950865 (CClientsHandler::Process) Connection closed
18:51:24.951107 (CClientsHandler::RemoveClient)  removing

How can I help to resolve this issue ?
Not related to this addon but to the rendercapture implementation of your used platform - you'd need to find a dev with Knowledge in this area (Fritsch or fernetmenta)
I apologize of this is the wrong place to post this. But ran into issue yesterday with the boblight addon running on the latest arm version of kodi (v 16.1) for Android. The boblight addon connects to a remote boblight server running on a windows 7 computer on the LAN.

The addon connects and turns on the lights as normal, but when video is played the lights will adjust to the video for about a second and just pause/stop. So it appears that the addon simply does not work for dynamic lighting with the latest version of Kodi. I had to uninstall kodi and "downgrade" to Isengard v15.2 for the boblight addon to work again.
same as above your post - not related to the addon but to rendercapture implementation on android - we have no android developer atm at all - so no names for you...
Also answered many times. Disable MediaCodec surface