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Full Version: Media Folders across volumes
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I want to start using xbmc to manage movies and tv shows, the manual says to put them in separate folders. I have 3 hard disks almost full and may add a fourth or fifth. Must I move all TV shows into one folder and if I do they will fill one and 3/4 drives. My mac makes me make a folder on one drive and another on the second. Can I use alias in one folder that points to the shows on the different drives? OR must I get larger drives to keep all the media in one place?
The reason for keeping Films and TV in separate sources (NB "sources" not "folders") is so you can set the content differently on the two sources.

You can add multiple directories to one source, or if you prefer you can have multiple sources with the same content settings, so you can spread the videos over directories on different disks. The only limitation is that you shouldn't have films and TV in directories belonging to the same source.