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Full Version: Have 'Movies' & 'TV Shows', how would I make a separate 'Anime' section?
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As the title reads, I'm interested in keeping my Anime and other TV Shows separate.. they're already in separate folders, but when I added my Anime folder the only options for the media were: TV Shows, Movies or Music Videos..

So now all of my anime has been lumped into TV Shows, I'd prefer it be in Anime.

I'm very new to XBMC (but in love with it so far!) and wondering if I can do something along these lines? Thanks!!
What kind of skin are u using ?
In most of the skins u can add items to your homescreen
Currently I'm using Aeon Nox, I haven't seen anything in the settings for this, but I'm also new to XBMC. :/
Aeon Nox

- Custom Main Menu items (Smart Playlists/Favourites).
- Custom Submenus (Smart Playlists/Addons).

it is supported so ask it in the Aeon Nox thread, they can help

I use Aeon MQ3