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Full Version: XBMC Windows / Live switchover nfo issue :/
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hey guys, finally set up my HTPC unit last night..

and connected up my four hard drives which have all been managed and setup with my XBMC in windows on my main tower, the library was exported to separate files and periodically overwritten to update watched statuses and fixes..

in windows you can remove remove the source and add again or from a fresh install it will read the nfos and import and add the watched info and everything all back as it should be,

but last night I did my fresh XBMCLive (Official Dharma) install on my box showed it the sources all imported as it should and I believe it's showing my sets and everything as it should as read from my nfo's but it hasn't included any of the watched info ? is this a known issue in XBMCLive from nfo?, or switching platforms as far as I was aware the nfo info was generic to all builds.

Thanks for any info anyone can give me, it's bugging me now :/
I don't think the watched status gets exported when you export to nfo files. If you export to a single file the watched status does get exported, but you need to set a tag in advancedsettings.xml to make XBMC import the watched status.

Hi thanks for the look,

direct from one of my nfo's I know has been watched Sad

<lastplayed>2011-11-13 20:13:45</lastplayed>

strange as I know I had completely removed all sources and cleaned the library and readded from the nfo info a few times before in windows always putting the info back as it was before..
ah ok, I've never had to change the xml in windows but maybe I do in the XBMCLive build...
hmmm this should be a challenge Smile..
thanks maybe that nugget is what I needed,

" <importwatchedstate>true</importwatchedstate> <!-- import previously exported playdate and playcount from .nfo files. Defaults to false -->"

strange didn't used to have to do that on my windows install though, I'm not very good with linux now to see if I can get permissions and work out were to put this file Smile
The advancedsettings.xml goes in the userdata directory. See http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=The...ata_Folder for the location of this directory.

thanks for all the info I think you guys have prob solved my problem.. made the xml now just trying to work out WinSCP to get the job done... just got it showing up all the files and will pop it in now Wink... phew... looks like this should work given the info saying by default it doesn't import, no idea how I was getting away with it in windows?... I tried again with a reealaaly clean setup just now in windows and it didn't import. may have a go at popping a asound.conf in as well now I have worked out how to access the files see if I can get my hdmi menu sounds working which I wasn't bothered about really... sort the watched and I be a happy fully running bunny Smile..

thanks for all your time.
worked perfectly Wink.. all importing... (can't say the same for the menu audio but meh, I'll just wait until Eden Wink)